Plantagenet Novus
Designed by Ross Mills 2004-200?

Please Note: This typeface is not yet available for purchase to end-users, but specimens and information are available during its extended, protracted development. Interested parties may contact us regarding custom licenses.

Plantagenet Novus is a completely revised OpenType edition of Ross Mills’ 1996 Plantagenet typeface. The original face is being redesigned and expanded with an extensive typographic repertoire and multilingual character sets to enable the refined setting of scholarly materials in a wide range of languages.

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the basic specimen

  PDF download the core glyph set [858K]
nb. this shows the current full glyphset; fonts may be distributed with subsets of this full glyphset. Different styles (eg. Italic) will have slightly different glyph compliments (eg. Swash Capitals rather then titling alternates).



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Plantagenet and Plantagenet Novus
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Last Update: 22 September, 2007

Mills drew his inspiration for Plantagenet (1996) from Neoclassical typefaces, especially those of John Baskerville and Pierre Simon Fournier. This edition retains the calmness & rationality of those models, but also incorporates heterogeneous influences.

Plantagenet Novus looks towards Renaissance forms to enhance readability—with each letter having a more Humanist stress. Cumulatively, the letterforms have an organic, forward-flowing rhythm that counteracts the vertical stress dictated by Neoclassical forms.

Plantagenet Novus is an OpenType font with extensive language support which includes most European languages, including Greek as well as support for many North American Native Languages such as Coast Salish orthographies, Lakota and Dakota, Cherokee script and IPA support.

There are also a great deal of typographic features : small capitals, titling capitals, swash italic capitals as well as a considerable compliment of ligatures. Also available will be a new set of ornaments, which can be used singly or combined into complex patterns.

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OpenType Features
Plantagenet Novus contains a repertoire of OpenType features including:

Standard Ligatures
Discretionary Ligatures
Small Capitals
Titling Capitals
Swash Italic Capitals
Superior lowercase & Numerals

Features of Plantagenet
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