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Foundations of Multiscript Typography

In 1997 Tiro was hired by Microsoft Typography to consult on the production of support materials for OpenType font development. Part of this project was producing a multi-script font used for displaying glyphs in th WRIT database, which was a tool for establishing character and glyph requirements for given languages, geographical areas or scripts (or combinations thereof). This paper discusses the project and some of the decisions and challanges that font designers face when working in multiple scripts.


Articles & Projects
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Norway House
James Evans, a short biography

History of Canadian Syllabics series I

In the wilderness of Rupert's Land, a Wesleyan missionary, James Evans, develops a new writing system for the Cree language. Deprived of the materials necessary for printing, he manufactures his own; casting type and printing using the limited resources available to him.

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Some Recent Projects
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Cambria Math

2004–2006: Development/extension of Cambria typeface (one of the members of the ClearType font collection) for mathematical and scientific typesetting. This included the addition of several thousand glyphs, hinting, custom table production etc. for use with a new mathematical typesetting system developed by Microsoft. Editing, writing, production and design of ‘Mathematical Typesetting’, a booklet about the some of the history of mathematical typesetting, it’s difficulties and the new math layout technology and the Cambria Math font.

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PDF Link View a basic specimen of Cambria Math [559K]

SBL Hebrew

2004–present: SBL Hebrew font and SBL Literature fonts.
SBL Hebrew aims to outperform all previous hebrew text rendering, and which will enable biblical scholars to create, edit and exchange documents between the increasing number of systems and applications that support Unicode text encoding and OpenType Layout.

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2003–2004: Cleartype font project. Design of Constantia typeface (Hudson); hinting of two typeface families; various overall management tasks; editing and production of ‘Now read this’ booklet documenting project.




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E.J. Peck Archive

Images from the Peck Archives are housed at the General Synod Archives of the Anglican Church of Canada. Most are related to Edmund Peck's work on Inukitut grammars and his introduction of the Evans syllabic writing system to the Inuit. There are also a few images of Cree works produced at or for the Moosonee Mission Press which were also in the Peck collection.

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Articles & Projects

Edmund Peck
History of Canadian Syllabics series II

An Anglican missionary in the north develops Inuktitut grammars and introduces the Evans syllabic script to the Inuit of Baffin Island.

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